Welcome to St. Paul's United Church

Dear Web Visitor:

We are glad you've come to visit, and we hope your interest in St. Paul's United Church will lead you to come to our worship service or to become even more involved in our Christian Education and community service programs.

We at St. Paul's are a part of a larger family known as the United Church of Christ.  Since you have found our website, then you may be aware of our national and state "U.C.C." (United Church of Christ). You can access these offices by clicking on the appropriate word on our homepage, or by visiting www.ucc.org or www.ucciaconf.org.

We urge you to pay these web sites a "visit" in order to learn more about the rich traditions from which we have come, and the even richer place in which we now stand as people of faith.

But more importantly, we urge you to log off your computer after a while, and come and spend time with us in the United Church of Christ.  At St. Paul's United Church here in Madrid; at our church camp, Pilgrim Heights Retreat Center in Montour, Iowa; and wherever United Church of Christ people gather, you will find people who are open to God's fresh word for God's people, people who are alive and active about their faith and their pursuit of justice, peace, communuity renewal and spiritual formation.

We hope you will become more involved in our community of faith.  Because God isn't finished with any of us yet. And together, we can do more than anyone of us could do separately.

We hope to see you in church!

Grace and peace.