Sunday School Class: 9:00 AM


St. Paul's Youth Page
Youth Activity Calendar 2016-2017
Date Activity Time Location
Sept 11th Youth Room Paint and Pizza 6-8pm Youth Room
*Oct 9th Fall Family Cookout TBD Harwoods
*Nov 13th Bowling Party 1-3pm Tiger Bowl
*Dec 11th Musical Cast Party 12-2pm Youth Room
Jan 8th Game Night 6-8pm Youth Room/Basement
Feb 12th Sledding/Skiing Outing 1-3pm Saylorville/Seven Oaks
*Mar 12th Open Mic Night 6-8pm Youth Room/Sanctuary
Apr 9th
(Palm Sunday)
Movie Night “Passion of Christ” 6-8pm Youth Room
*May 14th Spring Family Lunch & Games 12-3pm St. Paul’s
* = open to all ages (non-* indicates activity is for 5th-12th grade)







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